Thursday, 18 April 2013

News from the first term 2013

A successful first term for CHEETA 2013

The education team has been hard at work in the first term, and these are a few of the highlights for the year so far...
Just fewer than 3000 learners have been touched by the outreach education programme already. 

Yeats, our young ambassador cheetah celebrates his 3rd birthday towards the end of April. He is enjoying his visits, and shows great potential. You can stay in touch with his antics on twitter @yeatscheetah

Byron is not ready to retire just yet, and is extremely jealous of the fact that Yeats goes to schools too. Fortunately, he was able to forget about his woes for a while by visiting some ladies in Lover’s Lane, and of course, did all he could to save his species while up in the lane. Byron does have a number of friends on Facebook, and if you are not already one of his friends, hook up with him today.
Byron Cheetah (email address search

Sagira – our Egyptian vulture ambassador:

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Sagira is a hand-reared Egyptian Vulture with a lot of attitude. She is still in training, but
has visited an outreach group of learners this year, and was very well received. She is a
very rare bird, as these vultures are considered locally extinct as a breeding species in
South Africa. We are offering a critically endangered species presentation as a new option
 to schools, where we deal with wild dogs and vultures. Sagira and Jedi (our Anatolian
ambassador) come along to visit the learners. 

To bridge the gap in rural areas, Jedi doubles up as an Anatolian ambassador, and as a
 cuddly domestic dog. As part of our Cheetah Challenge visits, we are including a domestic
animal presentation, to encourage learners to form bonds with their pets, and give them
tips on how to make sure the animals are healthy and happy. Being a large dog, he is quite
intimidating at first, but eventually all the learners insist on giving him a good cuddle.

Our Cheetah Challenge programme encompassing social upliftment combined with a conservation message is going very well, and the project is mainly taking place at Boikanyo Primary school, as well as at Rearabilwe place of safety (both in Ga-rankuwa).

Overleigh St. Mary’s in England had a skype chat with our education team, and unfortunately they had video issues, so we could only have a voice call, but they have sponsored a visit to underprivileged school. We can use skype, Google talk or facebook video chat from one of our ambassador cheetah’s camps, and this is a fun way for schools from a far to support our education programme.

During the school holidays, we had a pilot holiday programme held off-site in Pretoria, together with Eco-Pilots. It was very well received, and we hope to be able to hold more of these holiday programmes in a city near your soon. Don’t forget, we also hold the holiday programme on site!

For further information about our outreach education programme, or to invite us to your school or facility, please contact Rita at 012 504 9906/7/8 or 083 252 8848.