Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Latest News from the Education Team

News from Community Help Enviro Education Through Animals

The education team would like to welcome our new staff member, Ntsae Sekati. She is completing her nature conservation diploma with UNISA, and is a valuable asset to our team. Ntsae was actually a participant in our education programme when she was in high school, so it is wonderful to have her as an education officer at the centre.

Educational visits to our underprivileged school, Lowe Primary, were made possible by a donation from Jackie Navarro of Wild Wonders. Jedi was a big hit at Lowe, even though the learners were a little hesitant in the beginning. Jedi visits schools during one of the visits leading up to wild animals, where learners are given more information about taking care of domestic animals.

Jedi at Lowe Primary
Ntsae grooming Yeats the cheetah

International Frog day

Every year, all over the world, learners and adults celebrate international frog day. This year, CHEETA was involved in a frog day celebration in conjunction with the WOT-IF trust, as well as JGI’s Roots and Shoots programme. The event was held in Diepsloot on 26th April, with the main focus on the African bullfrog. Lydia, a resident of Diepsloot inspired all the parties, as she is a passionate bullfrog enthusiast in her community, promoting conservation of this endangered amphibian. The event was a huge success, with learners writing and performing plays and poems, as well as making beautiful drawings and other artwork which helped the participants learn about frogs and their conservation while preparing for the day. Bullie the bullfrog was at the event, and we thank Greg Strydom for allowing us to “borrow” this fantastic froggie, who wowed and entertained everyone. With about 250 participants entering their contributions for competitions, there are fantastic prizes for individuals as well as classes that participated. We hope this will be an annual event, as the learners and educators were exposed to a whole new side of frogs!

Visits were also made to a few different schools at Kloofwaters camp, Woodhill College, Jakaranda Voortrekkers, as well as a local Christian camp for learners from Ga-Rankuwa, Lighthouse Ministries.

Big thanks to Wild Wonders for their donation. If you would like to contribute to “CHEETA” (the education division of the centre) you can donate on the GivenGain website http://www.givengain.com/ from anywhere in the world. No contribution is too small, and makes a big difference for our team to conserve through education.

South Africans can sign up for a MyPlanet card (http://www.myschool.co.za) , and add CHEETA (www.cheeta.org.za) as their beneficiary, earning money for CHEETA every time you shop at the participating stores – earn money for us at no cost to you!

If you would like to get involved, and do fundraising as a class, company or individual for our education programme, please let me know and I can help you with ideas.
For more information, or to invite us to your school, scout group or corporate event, please email me on education@dewildt.co.za
Warm regards,

Rita Groenewald