Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Great Training day for young ambassador cheetahs

The young ambassador cheetahs at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre are doing very well. Achilles had his first walk out of his camp yesterday, and was very brave. He had to walk past the honey badger enclosures, and decided that he would like a closer look. After some encouragement, he walked all the way down to the auditorium, and started to get used to the table.
Achillies in the Auditorium
Zorro also took a walk down to the new interaction camp. He had a pep talk from the centre's first ambassador, Byron, who is also his father. Zorro also met a cheetah statue near the reception. He was rather puzzled by the fact that this cheetah didn't move, and didn't react when he tried to groom it.
Zorro grooming the statue near reception
Zorro (left) saying hi to his dad (Byron, right)

For further information about the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre, please visit the website www.dewildt.co.za, or visit the education division's website www.cheeta.org.za

Cheetah Greetings,
Rita Groenewald
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The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre has run an Education Outreach Programme since 2003. The objective has been to visit disadvantaged communities with an Ambassador Cheetah and to educate children and young adults about the need to take care of Animals and the Environment.  In 2010 CHEETA was registered as a Section 18A Non Profit Organisation and works extensively in underprivileged communities.  The Programme consists of various talks at different levels, supported by PowerPoint presentations, experiential learning exercises, and several learning aids in the form of posters and work sheets. There is a workbook for teachers, which encourages them to use the lessons learned as the basis of other learning in the school curriculum - and also results in a more optimistic outlook amongst the teachers.  To date over 100 000 children have benefited from the programme.
CHEETA offers a range of Educational Initiatives, and the focus is on programmes and learning outcomes that are more sustainable for children in disadvantaged communities.  
The idea is to use the Cheetah as a symbol of survival and sustainability and to teach young people about overcoming challenges and being catalysts in their communities for the preservation of natural resources and the improvement of their own lives.

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