Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Byron Celebrates his 11th Birthday in style

The Human's Cake

Byron turns 11!

Time goes by so quickly, and our first ambassador cheetah turned 11 years old on 31st  May '13. He normally visits a school and has a small party for the learners, but this year we decided to invite children from the Jedidiah Place of Safety in Hartbeespoort to the centre. This is an establishment that houses children in need of safety, and therefore there we are not able to show images of them. Joining in the celebration were a group of international volunteers that were working at the farm for two weeks.
Byron's Meat Cake

Wishing Byron well through the window
Manuela Cimato from Dial-a-picnic, was generous enough to sponsor party packs for all the children, which included juices, crisps, various toys and candy.

There was a cake for all the children, the volunteers and staff, and of course a meat cake for Byron.

It was the first time that the children from Jedidiah had been exposed to wildlife, and got the opportunity to come up and stroke the birthday boy. There was just smiles and purrs all round, and we are very happy that the children got to spend the day with us.

We wish Byron many more years of bringing joy to children and adults.

A big thank you to Manuela from Dial-a-picnic, but also to Stefanie and the team of Jedidiah for the amazing work they do everyday.

If you would like to find out how you can help the children at Jedidiah, contact them on

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