Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Christmas Collections for the less fortunate

Help our education team make Christmas 2013 special for our underprivileged learners...

Yes, it may be rather early in the year to start thinking about Christmas, but we would like to encourage visitors and schools to help our less fortunate learners. We are hoping to collect toys, blankets, shoes (even school shoes please...), clothes, etc that you would like us to distribute during the festive season to orphanages, places of safety, and schools in the area. Even clothes for adults are welcome, as there are many shelters in the area that will appreciate it very much! There will be a box in our reception area at the centre where these items can be placed, but if you live in PTA / JHB area, please let me know if there is enough for us to collect, and I will make a plan with lifts to our farm.

Live in another country? Don’t forget our Skype chats from one of our ambassador camps. We ask a fee for the presentation, and use the funds to visit our underprivileged learners with our ambassador animals, helping to spread the word about conservation.