Monday, 29 July 2013

Holiday Programme June/July - Craighallpark

As parents are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their little ones safe and busy during school holidays, we developed a lovely holiday programme which focuses on teaching kiddies about being able to re-use waste to make new useful craft items, as well as learning about many wonderful creatures - Great and Small!

Fortunately this is a very flexible programme, and can be offered both at the centre, or at any venue. The scouts of Craighall Park were generous enough to allow us to use their hall free of charge during the last week of June, and the first week of July.

The participants and I had loads of fun, and I can't wait for the next school holidays to teach more learners :-)

If you would like to arrange a holiday programme near you, please contact me for further details.

Chat soon,

Rita Groenewald
012 504 9906/7/8

Celebrating Madiba day 2013 at Lowe Primary, Ga-Rankuwa

This Year CHEETA decided to green a local school in Ga-Rankuwa, Lowe Primary. Approximately 80% of the learners at Lowe are from impoverished homes, and many are orphans who live with older siblings, aunts or grandparents.

Due to prior commitments, the celebrations for our beloved former president Mandela were postponed till the 23rd July. Many prominent social workers from the community, as well as celebrity soccer players joined us to celebrate will all the learners and educators. Local businessmen donated 3 beautiful cakes, and each learner got a slice!

Slips for learners and educators
to plant at home.
Our soccer stars, Calvin Siobo from Chiefs and
Siphiwe from Swallows planting trees
Because the school grounds are quite barren, we decided for our 67 min, we would plant a lovely local plant, Elephant bush, or spekboom (Portulacaria afra). Fortunately at the Ann van Dyk cheetah centre, we have plenty of this elephant bush, and this amazing plant makes great cuttings.

We were able to plant 24 large bushes at the school, and had enough slips to send to home with all the grade 7's and educators to plant at home.

Siphiwe from Swallows gives learners encouragement
about how to achieve success in life.
Learners dance joyously. 

Learners asked the stars
to autograph their arms
Our soccer stars, as well as community members
doing outstanding work for social upliftment in Ga-Rankuwa
We were joined by our ISV volunteers who thoroughly enjoyed the day. Before the hard work began, various guests addressed the learners of the school.

Words of encouragement were spoken by Morocco Swallows soccer players, Siphiwe Mhonza and Calvin Sisobo, the headmistress and various other community figures. The students treated the guests to singing, drum majorettes and traditional dancing, before enjoying their cake slices.

We had a wonderful time celebrating a Madiba's birthday with the learners of Lowe Primary, and will definitely continue the relationship with the amazing learners and educators :-)

If anyone would like to assist this school, they are in need of many resources, please feel free to contact me directly to put you in touch with the educators of the school.

Chat soon,

012 504 9906/7/8